Aluminium Boats

Aluminium is a very light material with an excellent strength to weight ratio. It is twice as strong as fibreglass, four times stronger than ABS thermoplastic and up to ten times stronger than plywood. Aluminium boats, thanks to their very light weight, offer excellent riding features.

Easily transported, even on a car roof


100% unsinkable

All are foam filled.

The best material – aluminium H36

  • The aluminium hulls are made of the hardest H36 grade aluminium, which is almost 25% harder than that used by the majority of boat builders.
  • H36 Aluminium is less prone to flex and maintains the perfect shape of the hull.
  • Boat hull sides are absolutely smooth.
  • Since the whole hull is made of H36 Aluminium (not only the bottom), Marine hulls are lighter and thinner while keeping optimum capacity.

15 Years of Marine Aluminium
Boat Building

Ease of use – transport/manoeuvring wheels

Two types of wheels are available as options.