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Prototype.Testing the concept.

WE used a heavier (GRP) hull to ensure sufficient power and developed “E-pack C” to power it.

This complete boat is now for sale £1000 or €1100 – see below….

In the video above, the boat has been on the water for two weeks using a single battery charged only by the solar panels fitted.

Only the hand-held radio control is used in the video. Below you can see the additional fixed digital helm, connected by wires.It is offered as an e-pack optional accessory.

Jumbo cable digital control being fitted to dashboard of prototype.

Large buttons, easier to use if you find the hand-held unit to small.

De vanzare ! Now for Sale.

€ 1100 sau £ 1000 include Bimini.
Corp electric solară cu Bimini, motor de 50 amp. Amplificator solare de 50 amp, 2 panouri solare, acumulator cu gel A / H de 120 A, Comandă radio (cu mâna). Casca fixă cu comenzi electrice digitale. Corzi, aripi, acoperiș pentru barciAcest prototip este permanent pe apă și este alimentat numai de soare. 50 amperi motor, 50 regulator de încărcare solară, baterie de gel de 120 Amp / oră. Nu există volan. În schimb, o consola de butoane fixă conectată la cablul de comandă al motorului și o unitate de comandă radio alternativă. Toate încercările au fost finalizate cu succes, acest prototip fiind acum de vânzare. (foarte puține ore de motor)

€1100 or £1000 includes Bimini.
Solar electric boat with Bimini, 50 amp motor. 50 amp solar controller, 2 solar panels, 120 A/H Gel battery, Radio control (hand-held). Fixed helm with digital electric controls. Ropes, fenders, boat coverThis prototype is permanently on the water and is only powered by the sun. 50 amp motor, 50 solar charge controller, 120 Amp/hour Gel battery. There is no steering wheel. Instead a fixed button console hard wired to the motor control and an alternative hand held radio control unit. All trials successfully completed, this prototype is now for sale. (very few engine hours) .

LOCATION Lacul Colibita, Bistrita Nassaud, Romania 427007
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Inside the case showing BMS (battery Mangement system)

You will need two batteries for solar e-boats,otherwise one will do (but you will need a mains charger).

If there is a possibility that your battery will be charged in low temperatures, choose NOVEL series batteries which Incorporate a smart Battery management system, that not only shows the actual battery temperature, but also disconnects charging when the temperature is below or above the preset parameters, protecting against accidental charging when outside recommended environmental range and without needing any external charge controllers.


◆ Longer life compare to lead acid battery

◆ Up to 60% weight saving

◆ 100% usable capacity

◆ More energy with 1/3 smaller size

◆ Less than 3% self discharging

◆ Built in safety protection

◆ Zero maintenance

◆ Easy installation

◆ Eco-friendly

◆ Quality guaranteed